What to do about the beeps...


The Voice Over audio I get from one of our artists is nicely edited, with a “Beep” separating each segment. Our job is to separate these segments in to separate files.

We can visually select the segment in between the beeps because they are visually very easy to see. So we can manually select, cut, put in a new track, or export selected, or what have you…

I know there is a more automated way to handle this. I have done some searching through the forum and the internet in general, but have not found the right method.

Each beep has a peek frequency of 440 Hz, lasts about .1 sec and the Beat Finder will find it handily.

Using the Beat Finder will allow me to export each segment as a file. But it has half a beep at the beginning and end of each.

I read that it might be possible to use Nyquist Prompt to identify and remove the beeps, but I have not been able to find exactly how to do that.

But if that true, then Beat Finder, and a script to replace beeps with silence and Bob’s you uncle, right?

I would appreciate any direction you can lead me…

If the half-a-beeps are always at the very ends of the each file,
a macro to fade-in the start & fade-out the end could get rid of them.

Alternatively I think it’s possible to make a macro to chop off the duration of half-a-beep (0.05s ?) from the start & end of each file, (cue Steve).