What the frequency notes for Haifa's Carmelit 1st door closing alarm from it's 2nd generation train?

It’s complicated …

The first tone is similar to a 507Hz (B4) square wave, followed by a low pass filter.

From the spectrogram, the fundamental-frequency of the second and third notes is 337.56Hz, (but they have different timbres).

@Trebor first of all I want to know what’s the frequency note of the second note and then the frequency note of the third and last note, okay??

All the frequency information is on the spectrogram.
They are not pure sine tones, they are not defined by one frequency.

I mean to the frequency note of the 2nd note of Haifa’s Carmelit 2nd Generation train 1st door closing alarm!

“the 2nd note” contains >40 frequencies: each white/orange line is a frequency …

It can be represented by a repeating waveform, (below), but not by a single frequency.

and what about the last note??