What should I use to get the best WAV file?

I have a client who needs WAV files at 44.1, 24bit. I set these in the preferences, but when exporting 24bit doesn’t exist. What do I use? It also seems that when these files are listened to outside of audacity there is more noise? How can I fix this?

To export 24-bit WAV with Audacity 2.3.0:
“Export menu > Export Audio…”
then select “WAV (Microsoft) 24-bit PCM” in the “Save as type” dropdown menu

Check out this page in the wiki: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/export_formats_supported_by_audacity.html

You want non-lossy and zero compression. 16-bit works well enough.

except that momstro specifically said that their client needs WAV files at 44.1, 24bit.
Given that it is easy with Audacity to give the client what they are asking for (as described in my previous post), then I see little reason to not give the client what they want.