What Recording Equipment Do I Need?

Hi there,

Im currently in a time of distress, so therefor i am needing ALOT of help!
I am also aware that someone has proberly asked this before, however i have searched and can not find anything!

Ok so here is my problem.
I recently just bought a pair of new CDJs and a mixer.
My CDJs are American Audio CDI300 and my mixer is a Behringer DXJ750.

I am trying to record my sets onto Audacity, streight from the back of my mixer. I have a Sony Amp hooked up to the back of my mixer also.
Im trying to record onto laptop via my Mic In (i think thats what you call it!) … I only have mic in and where headphones go, so ill let you guys put me straight there.
I have a Jack > Phone cable, the red and white plugs are in the “Booth” output of my mixer and the other end is plugged into my mic input on my laptop.
When recording on Audacity i have a real annoying buzzing (humming) noise when listening back, i have checked to make sure the booth level is turned up, however too loud and it just sounds, well, rubbish.

I have been looking at the USB Soundcards, and i was looking at the Behringer UCA202.

Can you guys possible tell me, what leads i would be in need of getting to be able to record via the Behringer UCA202?
And also if my setup is correct and i should deffinately be going from the “Booth” and that a USB Soundcard would solve my issues?

The soundcard that is CURRENTLY in my laptop is a Realtek High Definition Audio.

I hope you guys can help!
Thank you!

You can’t successfully plug the output of your mixer into the microphone input of your laptop. The microphone input is a high sensitivity input that applies a lot of amplification to the signal it receives.

The Behringer UCA-202 is a reasonable way to provide a line level input to your laptop on RCA jacks (probably the same type as the booth outputs on your mixer). It connects to a USB port on your laptop.

– Bill

Thank you for your reply Bill.

So the Behringer UCA202 would solve my issues then?
If so, what would be the cable i need to hook from my mixer to the Behringer UCA202?

Thank you

No guarantees :wink: but lots of people have used the UCA-202 successfully.

Wait until you get the UCA-202 and you’ll see. But probably just a common dual-RCA-to-dual-RCA cable, depending on the connectors on the back of your mixer. Most DJ mixers use RCA connectors.

– Bill