What means "Space"?

Hi friends,

I’m a newcomer here - by the way: using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. And I must excuse me for my ignorance.

In the Audacity guides for beginners I found in different places the instruction “use SPACE”.

And I don’t know what this means. What should I do using this mystic “Space”?

Can anybody tell me?

Thanks a lot

Yup, it’s the big wide (normally unlabelled) key at the middle bottom of your keyboard the one that generates the “space” character when you press it.


Hi WC,

thank you for your hint - I was silly enough to search for a special SPACE icon in the audacity window.



We agonized a while back whether we should use “Space bar” or just SPACE in the manual - and eventually came down in favour of the shorter form, but encasing it in a button or shortcut template where appropriate.

Thanks for the nudge here though it made me search the manual for SPACE and several showed up that were not formatted - I cannot fix these right now as the manual is in “freeze” mode in preparation for a potential impending release. But I have put it on my To-Do list - thanks :slight_smile: