What kind of voice treatment would work ?

Hello !

my knowledge in audio processing is almost 0. I played with audacity for a few weeks and it works great for editing and removing noise.

But now i have a problem with a recording of a webcast(from a friend).I hoped i could help him out but i can’t tell what is really the problem with his recording (i think maybe speaking too close to the microphone ). I have tried high filters and low filters and the EQ , but i can get it acceptable.

I have attached a sample here , Could someone tell me(in basic english) what caused the problem and possibly a way to fix it with Audacity ?
(having a clear voice)

Thank you!!!

Unfortunately it is too late to fix this sample. It is very badly distorted, and that just isn’t fixable.

It has not been recorded at too high a level in Audacity - the distortion has occured before the sound reached Audacity. It’s difficult to say exactly where the distortion occured without knowing exactly what the set-up is (what sort of microphone, microphone position, how the microphone is connected to the computer…), hence it is difficult to suggest the best way to avoid the problem in the future. However, moving further away from the microphone will certainly help.

If the microphone is connected to a “microphone pre-amp”, then the input volume on the pre-amp is probably set too high.

Also, it has been recorded in stereo, but the recording has come out only on the left channel. Going into Audacity Preferences and setting the recording to mono should fix that problem. If you can say which version of Audacity he is using (look in the Help menu > About Audacity) we can tell you where the setting is to record in mono.

Thanks a lot for the fast answer.
I have spent already some hours on it, and couldn’t do anything useful besides discovering new Audacity features :wink:!

Then it did at least serve some purpose :wink:
Have you been using Audacity 1.3.12? (the coolest Audacity so far)