What is wrong with this file?

Tried to record some violin sounds in audacity. Total failure. Could you please suggest what is so fundamentally wrong? Before audacity i tried some other soft. Sound was disgusting, but at least could be clearly heard. This is the sample. recording was from distance 1- 1,5 feet.

Wow, that’s weird :open_mouth: How did you do that? (describe in great detail).

Installed audacity,did not touch or change any settings, connected mike (QFX M308), positioned about 1 or 1,5 feet away from the violin, about 5 inches higher, pressed red button. That’s it. (operating system Windows 7)
Any idea what is fatally wrong?
Thank you in advance, Vladimir

If there’s any “enhancements”, (like noise/echo reduction), being applied by Windows, (before the sound gets to Audacity), you need to switch them all off if you’re recording music, see …
https: //manual.audacityteam.org/man/faq_recording_troubleshooting.html

“enhancements”, (like noise/echo reduction), being applied by Windows

What he said. Windows is a business program and it naturally assumes you want to make a conference call to the home office, not record a violin. So it naturally applies echo cancellation and noise reduction in the background—most times without telling you. This gives you good conversation intelligibility, but makes you sound like a bad cellphone. These filters are the reason cellphones sound like that.

Make sure they’re all turned off. You can run afoul of Skype or chat, too. Do you use either of those? Those can leave Voice Processing running when they’re hiding in the background waiting for a call. Turn off those services and make sure they don’t automatically start up when you restart the machine.