What is this type of audio crackle called?

I was trying to record a guitar jam on my iPhone, which I know, is shitty, but it worked out good enough. Problem is that there’s this constant crackling and I’ve been trying to research, but I can’t find out exactly what this type of crackle is, as I know there are different types of clicks and crackles. If anyone has any info on how to reduce the crackling or just get rid of it all together, that would be hella great :smiley: .


So not really “good enough”?

Can you record anything on the iPhone without crackles?

Yes, I can, it’s just that when recording my guitar, it crackles.

Also yeah haha, I guess it’s more “sort of” good enough than anything. I was in the garage working and I thought of a riff that sounded neat in my head but my recording equipment is in my room, so I had to make do. I never ended up re-recording it, but after searching through my phone I found the audio for that lost track and thought it sounded neat, just has that crackling that you hear in the audio file I linked.

The crackling may be due to clipping (digital overload distortion), but because the format is MP3 I can’t tell for sure.
Does the problem happen if you turn down the guitar amp much quieter?

Applying this Low-pass filter twice gets rid of a lot of the problem …

apply this low pass filter twice.png
Then you’ll need an exciter or other distortion to put add in some brightness.