What is this hum?

Hi, I’m relatively new to this, and setting up my stuff in a new location.

My signal chain goes from a Neumann TLM 102 mic to an Audianet id22 phantom power and signal processor, to an ASUS notebook, through audacity. The hum must be entering the signal either from the mic, the Audient, or the cables, because if I just listen to sound on the notebook it’s not there.

If any body could give me some idea of what it is, what causes it, and how I might get rid of it or cope with it, I would appreciate it, thanks!

It’s “mains hum” (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mains_hum)

Are you using a good quality XLR lead between the mic and the pre-amp? Do you have another XLR lead that you could try?

Will the power brick on the Audient plug in the wall upside down? Try that.

You have award-winning 60Hz hum which means you have power problems in the US (or other 60Hz country). But wait! That’s not all! You have two different hums in there and that’s what gives you that Mum…Mum…Mum…Mum… sound in addition to the straight hum and overtones. I did the analysis and you have a family of hum tones unrelated to power.

It’s so bad I would be visiting the hardware store and see if they have a simple wall socket analyzer.

Both of my houses have had at least one wall socket wired wrong. You can have some very serious troubles if the protective safety ground isn’t connected to that round pin.


The analyzer is biased. If it says everything is OK, then there’s a good chance everything is OK. If it says something is wrong, stop using the socket for anything and call an electrician.