What is the macro command that is equivalent to "Make Stereo Track"?


I have two mono tracks that I want to combine them into a stereo track, one track on each channel. It can be easily done with pull-down menu command “Make Stereo Track”. However, I can’t find a macro command or plug-in that does the same. Yes, I want it done in a macro.

Tried exporting the two tracks, turned out to be a mono track. Copy/Paste doesn’t seem to work on channel. “Add New Stereo Track” gives me empty track. “Mix…” became mono as well. Couldn’t remember what else I have tried.

Thanks your help.

“Pan” one track left and the other track right.
You can then either “Mix and Render”, or just “Export”.

It works. Thanks a lot.

I also having same problem. I am new to audacity and It may be a more basis Question. I tried to use the following method Pan to set track to left and right. But when I used Pan Left than it actually panning both tracks to left. And when I tried Pan Left on Focused track than it works. But now How Can I change focus to second track? As to change panning of second track to right, I need to focus second track. How to do it with macros. Please Help Me!

Have you tried the “SetTrack” command? (see: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/scripting_reference.html#Extra:_Scriptables_II)