what is the best way to get normal deep voice! in audacity

I understand that before all this " talent"
What is the best way Whether by use of effects or VST plugins etc. steps’! In order to get a serious deep voice of course normal not exaggerated voice like 100% pitch slow.
commensurate with videos like politics , war, serious events etc! if i google it i may can find videos just told you to use pitch effect ! to have a stupid slow voice has no link to “serious”.

For example
1- record your voice
2- use this effect in (5%) (the value for ex) !
3- etc.

or in short what are the effects or plugins i should focus on it? !

Post some of your voice. I know you’re not reading for audiobooks (that we know of), but this is a good recipe for posting a voice clip.


There’s nothing like flying blind and offering corrections that will never work for that particular poster.


Dropping the pitch by 10%-15% is about the best that can be done without it sounding inhuman …
Drop pitch by ~15% in Audacity.png
Maybe boost the bass & treble afterwards.

the best that can be done without it sounding inhuman …

Remember when you do that, crisp sibilants are going down too. It gets muffled.

And this is a grand place to start recording 48000 or higher instead of 44100 sampling rate. Suddenly all those extra bits up there are important.


There is a production note here. Directional microphones get boomy when you get close. It’s a dead easy way to get an announcing voice.


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I don’t know clearly what you said ,(the first post) ??

and also note " i know that pitch effect value should suit your own voice" , thanks for mention “bass & treble” !.

I don’t know clearly what you said ,(the first post) ??

It would be a good idea to post a sample clip of your voice on the forum. It’s much better if we know what your voice sounds like before processing to know the best tools to use.

That link is the instructions for an audiobook test clip, but it would work for this, too.


thanks .
This is what i guessed , but was not sure . i am afraid i can not record it direct . but my voice is quiet normal as i think,Or what is apparent to me!

i know it is a wide question hard to be answered with a simple answer like magic with one click of a button hey ! you got a deep voice! but i think anyone who has experience knows what this tool does and what does this , It is obvious that the first answer will " use pitch effect", for example! may be the second will bass sound effect. etc. the point here ! is what should i focous on it ! or may be there VST plugin will help with that ! etc.