what is my recording time?

when i’m recording from spodify the recording stops after the slide bar at the bottom of audacity reaches the end which is around 15min. also how do i skip ahead in the recording when i’m playing back what I’ve recorded?

Click anywhere in the blue waves when you stop and Audacity will pick up right from there when you start up again.
SpaceBar will stop and start. That’s the shortcut key.
While playing, you can click in the time bar above the blue waves and the play will skip to there immediately.

I don’t understand why Audacity is stopping at fifteen minutes unless you run out of disk space.

Audacity has two display modes. Update Display is one which keeps flipping the blue waves to new ones as you go. I turn that off when editing because it makes me crazy. Don’t Update Display which freezes the blue waves until you move them. Neither mode affects the actual amount of music you can record. Just how you see it.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Tracks: [X] Update Display…


There’s another one. If you drag-select a part of the blue waves, Play will only play inside the selection.

thanks for info. i also find that if i pause play ,click in blue wave at point i want to resume(and this i can move far ahead or back by clicking and holding the move bar down below the waves) and then hit play it will start where i had clicked in the wave. do you follow me?

Yes, but that tends to be less and less valuable as the show gets longer. There’s no way to fine tune that bar.

There are a lot of navigation tools.