What is Db Major?

I want to make a mashup with Lollipop by Mika but I don’t know what to put for the starting key from the list in Change Pitch.

Are you trying to make the song to be in Db major?

See Audacity Manual. The effect does not make the song take any particular key signature, it merely applies a pitch change. Audacity guesses the pitch from the start of the selection but that may not be the key signature of the piece. Think of “Three Blind Mice” for example - the starting note is not the same as the key signature.

So find out the key signature of the song then make the appropriate pitch change to change the song into the key of Db major. For example if the song is now in Bb major, apply a pitch change of 3 semitones (upwards) or 9 semitones (downwards) depending on what you want to do.


[u]D-flat Major Chord[/u].

What does Lollipop by Mika have to do with stuffed animals?


I meant like, if i want to mash it with Lorde’s Million Dollar Bills, I would change MDB’s key, F#, to what? in the dropdown box there’s no Db Major. only D and D#. Or what is the equivalent to Db?

“C#/Db”, as it says. There is no major/minor distinction. It’s a pitch change, not a way of setting a key signature.