What if you double-click the“Audacity” icon in the DMG

What happens if one were to double-click the “Audacity” icon in the DMG to launch Audacity? I am working with students and it seems some may have initially launched Audacity from the DMG. How can I reverse engineer this? – given that it seems to be creating some major problems (inability to open project files, for instance). I tried ejecting the DMG, trashing Audacity and reinstalling, but this seems to have no affect on the problems I’m seeing on many different machines (all running 2.1.3 with OS 10.12).

Many thanks.

We very strongly warn against running Audacity from inside the DMG. Unfortunately, the program will run, but it will be completely unaware of its environment.

Depending on how far it gets, reinstalling Audacity doesn’t reset Audacity. Audacity keeps separate copies of settings and preferences with the idea it’s going to keep those when you upgrade—normally desirable. Unfortunately, errors in those systems also stick around during installation. The Windows installer has a tick where you can tell it to flush everything. The Mac version you have to do manually.

My Macs are a little behind, but I think this still works. After you uninstall Audacity:

Go (top of the desktop) > Go To Folder > ~/Library/Application Support > Enter.

Find the “audacity” folder (lower case intentional) and drag it to the trash.

Now install a fresh Audacity.

The program and the popular add-ons should come from here:


Let us know.


Ok!, thanks so much for the response. I will give this a try and post a reply as to its success asap.