What happened??

I have been recording albums for a couple of years now, using the ITUT-300 usb turntable and Audacity. I currently have Version 2.1.1 installed, and I am using Vista (don’t laugh). Audacity was from the .exe installer

Anyway, everything has gone fine for all this time. A couple of months ago, I recorded an album. Got it finished and stored. I put another album on the turntable, turned everything on, and no sound is coming through. At all. I had made zero changes to any setting. All I had done was change the record.

I have since changed the needle on the turntable, but still nothing.

Got it finished and stored.

Did it work? Was that first recording successful? Sometimes problems show up way earlier than anyone thinks. Did you actually play back that recording and listen, or did you see the blue waves and that was that?

Audacity checks for USB connections when it starts. If you start Audacity and then plug in the turntable, Audacity won’t see it. Restart Audacity. Make sure Audacity is trying to record from the turntable in the Device Toolbar.


I don’t know anything about Vista. Win7 has little sound meters in its control panels and you can check the turntable that way.

Does the turntable have a place to plug headphones? Does it have power lights or other ways to tell that the computer is connected?


That first recording that day was fine. Just like the preceding couple of years.

I took a look at your link, changed the audio host, and now I have sound when I record in my headphones. Still no sound on playback, though.

This’ll work !


We should wait for a real Windows elf to straighten this out.



The forum actively covers nine time zones. I’m at the western edge and I’m going to bed.

In the device toolbar, select the USB turntable as the recording device and your normal sound card as the playback device.

To hear the recording through the computer during the recording, turn on Software Playthrough (“Transport” menu).