What happened to the Audacity Daily Build?

Hey, I’m very stupid and not at all well-versed in the world of Audacity development. This is the first time I’ve ever looked at the Audacity Forum for any reason, I believe. I’ve been using Audacity for many years.

I just wanted to know what happened to the Audacity Daily Build PPA.


The “latest updates” say “failed to build” every time I check the page. I’m still using a buggy and clunky version of Audacity from April. I’ll probably be doomed to this purgatory forever if nothing happens :frowning: If it’s out of the control of anyone here then I understand. I hope there’s another daily PPA out there if this is the case.

Although that PPA is called “ppa:audacity-team/daily”, it is not actually provided by the Audacity team. It is provided by the package maintainer of Audacity in Ubuntu (who is also in the Audacity development team, though he has not been active in the Audacity development team for quite a while).

The main problem is that the Ubuntu version of WxWidgets is 3.x, which is not yet supported by Audacity. The required version of WxWidgets is 2.8.

I’m aware of three possible solutions for you:

  1. Go back to the official repository version of Audacity for your Linux distribution (will be buggy if it is built with WxWidgets 3.x)
  2. Build Audacity from the source code (best solution, but a bit tricky if your distribution does not have WxWidgets 2.8)
  3. Try the PPA from this page (which uses WxWidgets 2.8): http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2015/04/install-audacity-audio-editor-2-1-0-in-ubuntu-from-ppa/

If you are not comfortable building from source, but are comfortable using PPAs, then I’d suggest that you try option 3.