What happened to my settings

Windows 10; Audacity 2.3.3

I had been recording music off of different websites using the WASAPI setting. Moving the master volume and even pressing mute never disrupted the recording. Now all of a sudden, the recordings are very low in sound. When I increase the master volume, the recording volume goes up. When I press mute, the volume of the recording goes up. I can’t listen while it’s recording because I have to have the volume all the way up to get a quality recording. I open up audacity on my desktop version 2.1.2 and it records like I previously mentioned. I don’t know what happened to my previous setting are how to get it back to where the volume is independent of the recording. Please help. Thanks.

Did you start using Skype, Zoom or other conferencing or chat program? They like to take over your sound services and settings. Quite a few people are discovering some of the chaos that can cause.

Make sure those programs are completely closed and even then you may have to restart the machine.




I had been using Zoom weekly during the lock down and it never bothered my audacity. In fact I hadn’t used Zoom this week. Nonetheless, I restarted my computer and everything is back to normal so thanks. I guess that should have been an obvious solution but since nothing had changed, it didn’t dawn on me. Thanks again.

Windows 10 Home x64, 16gb ram Acer laptop
Audacity 2.4.1
Windows WASAPI
Speakers: Realtek High Definition (SST) loopback

I’m having the same problem with the volume except restarting didn’t do anything. I do have Microsoft Teams installed but that shouldn’t affect it because I don’t have it open when trying to record. I have another laptop (also Windows 10 Home x64, same Audacity version and even put Teams on it as a test) and the volume on that one doesn’t affect the recording. Tried reading the Audacity manual for setting up recording and stuff but didn’t work.