What filter/tool is needed to remove this invisible spike?

Hello everyone, and thank you in advance for addressing this question. I’m not really sure whether it is an Audacity question or a hardware question, but I figured I’d poll the group. I am recording a public domain audio book with version 2.3.3 (Windows 10), using a Blue Snowball mic. During playback on my PC speaker, I am getting a weird spike/buzz in the speaker, as if the whole speaker were vibrating for an instant. However, when I listen to the same clip through (normal) headphones, it doesn’t appear. Attached is an exported sample (listen for the end of the word “York”). I have zoomed the timeline to the greatest extent possible, and there is neither a visible spike on the timeline nor is the gain anywhere close to peaking. I am not an audio specialist by any stretch, but it happens numerous times during the recording and has never occurred on other books I have recorded or other audio I have played on the same speaker. I have also tried every possible tool/filter to reduce or remove it without any effect (no pun intended). Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

Attached is an exported sample

Your post has no attached sample.



If it’s on speakers but not headphones, check Windows-audio playback-enhancements are off …