What effects should I use to get this sound?

Hi guys! We’re trying to translate Fallout New Vegas to another language and we need to obtain similar sound for it. I can hear the voice being heavily edited but have no idea what filters should I use to get something similar. Thanks for your help!

I can’t hear any effects on that : it just sounds like a recording of a voice-actor.

I’m of the same opinion as Trebor. No notable effects, just “acting”.

And to complete the circle, there’s no acting filter or effect.

One poster got close last week when he asked about changing the inflection and emphasis of some words in a sentence.

That we can do and we gave him the tool list and how they worked. But. Since the tools are not in a collected suite, it takes forever. You have to hand-change each sound within a word, each phoneme.

I know, right? Too Much Information.