what effects in what order for noisy recording with low levels?

I have an old camcorder video of sentimental value–my niece interviewing my parents about 20 years ago.

The audio is poor: lots of noise from the camera, and recording level is very low.

I’ve tried several effects in different orders. (low pass, normalize, noise reduction, level speech, compress)
This helps a bit but I’m hoping for better.

What effects in what order would you suggest for the better quality result?

Thank you very much!! …Bill…

PS: I’ve attached a 30 sec sample.

That’s a wreck, isn’t it?

That’s Effect > normalize to -1dB and then two passes of stiff Noise Reduction. 9-6-6.

Get the profiles from a stretch between words. Then, when the first pass isn’t enough, do it again with a new profile.

The first three seconds of the sample is different noise, so it didn’t go with the rest.

We don’t do well with moving noises.


Thank you very much, Koz. Your tip was very helpful! My edit is much more listenable than the original.

Yes it’s a wreck: Old tech, probably adding its own noise, in the hands of a non-tech beginner. :unamused: :slight_smile:

As for the 1st 3-sec, I’m guessing the tape wasn’t quite up to speed.

Thanks again.