what does this mean?

hi as im recording an lp I get this message saying "track start"requires one or more tracks to be selected…this happens while im recording…how do I turn it off?

Is that a pop-up message window? Can you take a screenshot of it?

Are you doing something else while Audacity is recording?
Does it interrupt the recording?

hi no im just doing the recording…I seem to have disable this message on the preference area…it might have been causing the issue…will keep you posted if it happens again…thanks

what I did was go into preferances and disabled enable dragging selection edges…i red that in your tutorials that says to do this…i just recorded an lp and it didn’t pop up…as I said I never saw this message before…

hi ok it popped up again…what does this message mean?im convinced its stopping the software from working…


No idea. It may be nothing to do with Audacity.