What does having lots of edits in a project mean?

Does it mean like fixing stuff and saving a lot? Cause someone said that if I have a lot of edits it could mess it up.

Editing is any change to the content in order to produce the final show. It’s from the word editorial or editorialize.

I don’t think there is any practical limit to the changes you can make to a show. Add special effects, shorten a segment of dialog, make this portion louder, etc. etc… I would make backups if I was planning on going crazy.

Periodically Save a Project as a new name.

MyMusic-2013-08-23-2327. That’s almost 11:30pm. I wouldn’t use any punctuation except dash and underscore. Edit very large shows in segments, don’t make Audacity recalculate heavy effects for a two-hour show all at once. You’ll be there until retirement.

If the 11:27 PM show goes into the toilet for some reason, you can open up the 11:18 show. If all you do is continually save MyMusic, then there is only one Project and if that one dies, that may be the end of the world.

Sometimes if you tell us what you’re planning on doing and we can head you off before you do something messy. “I plan to heavily edit a two-hour, four channel surround project on a tiny notepad computer with small hard drive.”

Good luck with that.