What do subliminal.my plugin do

Hi I make subliminal from subliminal plygin. I want to know what does edger subliminal plug-in actually does so I can repeat this process in other mobile software’s also. Btw I am newbie

I want to apply this effect in a mobile software


I assume that you mean “subliminal.ny” (a Nyquist plug-in), so I’ve moved this topic to the Nyquist forum board.

Please include the plug-in that you are referring to, or a link to where the plug-in can be downloaded.

Nyquist plug-in code runs in the Nyquist interpreter (See: https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~music/nyquist/)
As Nyquist is not available for mobile operating systems, you would have to re-implement the plug-in using a framework / language that is supported by the mobile OS. For example, you may be able to re-implement it in JavaScript.

This is the code of plug-in I want to know what it basically does my mobile software has high pass and low pass option so I think it possible I can apply its logic

 ;nyquist plug-in
;version 1
;type process
;name "Subliminal..."
;action "Subliminal..."
;control carrier "Carrier" real "Hz" 17500 14000 20000

(setf carrier (max 14000 (min carrier 20000)))

;; We have two Nyquist frequencies, carrier/2 and *sound-srate*/2.
;; The CUTOFF is the maximum allowed frequency in the modulator.
;; It must not be greater than carrier/2, but also not greater than
;; the difference between the carrier and *sound-srate*/2, because
;; otherwise the modulated carrier aliases.

(setf cutoff (min (/ carrier 2.0) (- (/ *sound-srate* 2.0) carrier)))

(defun cut (function sound frequency)
  (dotimes (ignore 10 sound)
    (setf sound (funcall function sound frequency))))

(defun subliminal (sound)
  (let ((result (mult 2 (cut #'lowpass8 (hp sound 80) cutoff)
                        (hzosc carrier))))
    (cut #'highpass8 result carrier)))

(if (< *sound-srate* 44100)
    (princ "The track sample frequency must be minimum 44100Hz.")
    (multichan-expand #'subliminal s))
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In short, it does “amplitude modulation” (See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amplitude_modulation)

It multiplies the sound, (which is pre-filtered to substantially remove frequencies below 80 Hz) by a high frequency sin wave (the “carrier” wave, default 17500 Hz). The result is then filtered with a steep low-pass filter to return the frequencies that are below the “carrier” frequency.

To implement this is JavaScript (or any other language) you will need to find out how to do “amplitude modulation”.

My mobile audio editor has option of high pass and lowpass