What Did I Do Now ?

Great…now my AUP files turned into AUP .mo Is there any way to recover ?

I’m not exactly sure what the question is. .aup3 files are Projects from Audacity version 3. They contain everything in one file.

.AUP files are Projects from Audacity 2 and earlier. They are project managers text files and point to _DATA folders of the same name. The _DATA folders have the actual sound in little snippets. The .AUP file and the associated _DATA folder have to be in the same place or folder for a show to open.

Audacity 3 will open both. Audacity 2 will only open the AUPs.


In v 2 can the AUP files be recovered when they’ve changed to .mo file ? If so, how ?

.AUP files and .MO files are totally different things. :confused:

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I wonder if we’re looking at different things. I don’t see any “.mo” files in your post. I did a screen grab of what we got.

Screen Shot 2021-12-24 at 12.26.50 PM.png