What configuration can achieve this audio quality?

Hi everyone,

I was listening to a song the other day https://youtu.be/I2qVJlsJc9o?t=65 and the voice quality is kinda different and too clear (especially if you listen over headphones). Is there any specific configuration in audacity that can achieve this?

I would appreciate your help. Thanks.

Do you mean that you want your recording to sound like that, or are you saying that you want your recording to NOT sound like that?
Is that your recording?

No, It’s not my recording. And I want my voice to sound like that in my audios.

The vocal is mono, with a mono reverb, (as opposed to stereo reverb).
So different from modern pop music which often uses stereo-effects on vocals.

oh, that makes sense. Tbh, it sounds much better than stereo ones. But that’s a personal opinion.