What causes a randomly occurring crack-noise when playing an audio clip, and how can it be fixed?

Dear Audacity experts,

I’m having an audio clip that behaves a little strange: It’s just about 2 seconds long and contain a very deep sounding xylophone hit. When playing it, it sounds all right most of the time. However, sometimes when playing it, it causes a crack-like-noise, which happens across various operating system, audio players and speakers/headphones.

This crack noise is not part of the audio recording, but something that seems to happens on the speaker. If it happens, it happens very early on - i.e. just a fraction of a second after playback started. Question now is, what causes it and how can it be fixed?

Unfortunately I’m having zero knowledge of signal processing, and only basic knowledge of Audacity, so your advise is very much appreciated.
Thank you.

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