What are the batch-processing function parameters ?


just installed 1.3.4-beta, because I established it has timer-recording and batch-processing. I have a few questions on batch-processing.

I’ll describe quickly what I would like to do:
I want to record 30-second-samples off of many vinyls. As long as I don’t want to record only one vinyl, I’m going to need an automatic setup. The only intervention by me should be the needle-drop and name the tracks

Everything else like:

  • 30-Sec Recording
  • NoiseRemoval
  • Normalising
  • Loudness Maximizing
  • 3-sec-FadeIn (Beginning) und 3-sec-FadeOut (End)
  • MP3-Encoding

should be done by Audacity automatically.

What could be the best way to do a task like this ?

I looked in detail at the preset ‘MP3 Conversion’ already and built a new preset on its basis.
I integrated FadeIn and Fadeout between Normalize and ExportMp3, but I’m missing the parameters to define the fades of the first 3 seconds and the last 3 seconds of one file.
Is NoiseRemoval usable as an automatic noise recognition ?
How is it possible to maximize the loudness of a track automatically that it won’t clip ?

In general the answer is “No”. Batch processing is by no means complete, and quite a lot of things just don’t work. Any effect that has to be applied to part of the audio in a project (like fade in, fade out, and cutting a section) doesn’t work. And quite a lot of the scripting doesn’t work in any language other than English either.