What am I doing wrong?


I am new to Audacity.
I am trying to record a book.
I recorded a section and stopped, then came back to continue recording subsequent sections. On playback I found that the differnt sections are all mixed together and I can hear a muffling of the different parts at the same time. I have tried three times and I am getting the same thing. I dont know what I am doing wrong.

How do I stop and resume recording without this problem?
Thank you

There are several options. Use whichever is more convenient.

  1. Press the “Pause” button to pause the recording (or the “P” key on your keyboard), then again to resume recording.
    Note that most other commands are disabled while paused.

  2. Press the Stop button (or spacebar) to stop, then press “Shift + R” to “append record”.

  3. Press the Stop button (or spacebar) to stop, then “Transport menu > Append Record” to resume recording.

  4. Record each section as a separate track (as you are doing now). To listen to just one section, click on the “Solo” button on the left end of the track.
    To avoid hearing other tracks play while you are recording a new track, go into the “Transport” menu and deselect “Overdub (on/off)”.
    When you have completed all of your sections, you can use “Tracks menu > Align > Align End to End” to make the tracks run end-to-end. If you need to make fine adjustments to the position of any of the tracks, use the Time Shift tool.

Option 3 is probably the one that you are looking for.
Option 4 is the most fiddly, but also the most flexible way to do it.