Weird voice every few seconds in recording...

I recorded my podcast (a Dose of Shenanigans) and added a few effects (noise reduction, compressor, little things like that, not much) & saved it all. Now, when I listen to it back, it has a weird sound every few seconds (7-10 seconds, sometimes more). NOT a clicking or popping sound. It literally sounds like another voice moaning or saying a word (it lasts about one second). I zoomed in on the track but nothing is there. I even tried to export it, but it’s in the recording… almost like it is embedded into our voices. I tried all the tips on the web, but nothing seems to be working. I can’t use this episode because it awful to listen to and gets so annoying! HELP!!! Any other tips would be wonderful.

It sounds like you may have a trial version of some audio software or plug-in installed that is adding a voice.
Does it occur if you just record and use no effects, or does it occur only when you use a specific effect?

It record fine for a few trails, then out of no where it started. We have two mics set up running through Audio Repeater, but when did that before and never got a weird voice. Then last night, we recorded a thirty minute episode and it had that voice. Not sure if I can fix it nor do I know how.

I never tried it without using effects. I’ve been using noise reduction to take out the static, which worked and didn’t make the audio sound weird with that noise. However, now it is adding in that weird voice every few seconds. I was using Audio Repeater to hook up the two mics and run it through Audacity. I don’t think that is the problem, since I heard that is how you should use it. Now my episode I recorded is non-listenable as this sound is consent and mixes with our voices. I don’t know how to turn off any plug-ins, but now I am afraid that it wouldn’t help anyway since it is already recorded.

If you post a short sample to demonstrate the problem, someone might recognise what the “weird voice” is. See: