Weird sound on playback


I have recentky started voice over practice. Whewn I record a script and play it back I have had 2 things happen
There is feedback(a hum) on teh feedback or I sound like I am in a bathroom.

The latter is most recent as I updated my driver and reinstalled Audacity.
Can anyone advise how I can prevent these from re occurring? I have had no problem till teh last week

Thank you

Please give us the Audacity version and Windows numbers from the pink band above.

Installing Audacity doesn’t reset audacity. When you install, Audacity should ask you if you want to reset preferences and settings. Say yes.

Post a sample of the problem. You can use the AudioBook test format. It’s pretty universal.

Which microphone are you using are are you recording at the right level? You should be seeing the Audacity sound meters peak into -6 and the blue wave tops should be about 50%.

If you record at too low a volume, the natural hum in the system may take over.


Dear Koz

Thank you

Version Audacity 2.1.0
Microphone - T Bone SC400

The levels look fine to me

I have attached a line of script sounding klike its i a bathroom

Thank you


Hi again Koz

I think I have solved the bathroom sound!
Now the hum is there. My levels look good but that humm is so annoying
Sample attached

I have played with different levels on Ai=udacity but to no avail
Thank you


Sorry to bother you
I fix one thing then it goes wrong again

THis time its a worse bathroom sound but no humm

Any suggestion greatly appreciated

Thank you