Weird sound location on the scale

Hello, I’ve been using audacity for a few years now, and this is the first time I see this thing happen (see attachment)
anyone knows why this happens and how can I center it so I can work on it normally?

when I apply a filter or do anything it sticks to the top so I lose even more of what’s in the screenshot. the screenshot is just after import.

Screenshot 2021-08-12 001210.png

That’s [u]DC offset[/u] and it’s normally caused by a hardware defect (a cheap or defective sound card). There is a DC offset removal option for the Normalize effect. It can usually be removed and the audio will be fine as long as it’s not [u]clipped[/u], and your waveform looks OK visually. (The offset leaves less room for the real audio so a strong signal can cause clipping.)

You can’t hear DC (zero Hz) but it causes a “click” at the beginning where it kicks-in and another at the end when it kicks-out.

thank you! that helped me alot. i always learn new things about this program, it’s amazing even after 5 years.