Weird Recording Bug

Somehow I randomly get a recording bug, where my live recording track passes the red recording bar.
And the weird thing about this is that my recording is down pitched and dalayed after that.

It just happens from the 3rd track lane, so it’s not my mic. I tried to reinstall and also tried older versions, but nothing could solve my problem.

Would love to get it fixed.

where my live recording track passes the red recording bar.

You’re talking about the dB meter, right?

Is that related to the actual loudness or is it some kind of glitch?

If it’s a USB mic MAYBE it’s just a flaky USB cable/connection and things get fouled-up when the connection comes loose.

That’s what I mean:
While recording the red bar somehow passes the track it self, which I record


You’re overdubbing, right? Listening to your backing tracks while you record a new track?

Overdubbing is a special case where the computer has to run its recording, playback, drive management, and displays all in real time and all absolutely, totally perfectly. You are what happens when the computer can’t handle the job.

Are you working from an internal hard drive? That’s recommended. A lot. There is a relatively new problem where computers are convinced that a cloud drive is perfect and works the same as an internal drive. It’s not and it doesn’t. The machine can even have trouble with network drives. Run away.

Clean start the machine and run Audacity with nothing else running. No games and no Zoom. Shift+Shutdown > Wait > Start. Not Restart and not regular Shutdown.

Pay attention if you do that and the problem changes even if it doesn’t get any better. Any change is good to know.

There is one more level to this. Disconnect your network and suspend your virus program. Never connect to the internet without your virus program running.