Weird random distortion

I use Windows 7, and an Aspire Timeline X laptop. I am recording vinyl via USB to the laptop. However, I have not been able to finish a side without weird distortion suddenly cropping up for no apparent reason. I am using the recent updated Audacity. Any thoughts?

Past machine or connection problems, the most troublesome sound distortions are caused by Windows Enhanced Services. Did you turn them off? These are the tools to make your Skype conversation better, but they can destroy entertainment recording.


No dice. I think I turned all enhancements off, but as soon as the needle hit the record the sound was incredibly distorted. I have tried rebooting, etc., to no avail.

USB devices (especially USB turntables) don’t usually offer enhancements and filters in the sound control panel. Try changing or tightening the USB cable, and connect to an empty USB port. See here .