Weird Problem

Ok folks, i have been encountering a weird problem with audacity lately. I record music in Audacity on a Win7 pc and everything looks and sounds fine. After exporting the audio mix and opening in on another computer (no matter whether it is my other pc or someone else’s) all of a sudden the whole recording is way above the 0.0 line. attaching an image to help you understand what i am encountering. How do i fix this and why is it happening?

And it’s not doing that on the original machine?

That’s “DC Offset.” There are non-audio voltages running around inside your soundcard needed to run the electronics. That’s normal. These voltages never appear in the show, but that’s what they look like when they do. You can’t hear that, but it can make smooth, graceful editing impossible. It can also make a pop when you start or stop the music.

It’s also extraordinarily difficult to get that error anywhere else but at the recording step on the original computer. It’s really awkward to fix that after the show or music is distributed.

Are you sure it’s not happening on the recording computer?


To cut to the final act, Effect > Normalize > Remove DC. Don’t let the tool do anything else. But if the problem is happening after you move the files, then fixing it on the original computer won’t do you any good.


Yes, after zooming in really close i noticed it was doing it on the original machine too, but to a very small extent. Nothing compared to the second machine.
i am happy to report that the solution you suggested worked like a charm:) i was able to fix it on both machines.
Thank you, Koz!