Weird problem while making acapella...

Hello guys,

I’m trying to extract a short vocal sequence of an animated cartoon and I can’t seem to figure it out…

To do such a thing, I make myself an instrumental version of it using the vocal remover effect or by splitting the track into 2 mono and invert one of them.
The things is that even when I import back the original sequence and I play at the same time as the instrumental part I just did, nothing happen, the instruments don’t suppress themselves.

I can easily make an acapella with a song that already has an instrumental version of it, but it does not work when I make my own instrumental track with vocal removing.

Maybe I should post a video of me doing it… It would probably make the mistake obvious to somebody used with sound editing.

Vocal Removal is a simple arithmetic process. Subtract left from right and the lead singer usually drops out. Vocal isolation is not. There is no combination of subtractions and additions that results in the singer by himself.

The problem is, the result of Vocal Removal isn’t a stereo show. It’s a mono show with arithmetic mixing of the instruments, so it’s not the same as simply removing the singer. Karaoke done this way is very different from purpose built karaoke.

There are other products that claim to be able to do Vocal Isolation

–Voice Trap (Vocal Isolation)
–Extra Boy


I can easily make an acapella with a song that already has an instrumental version of it, but it does not work when I make my own instrumental track with vocal removing.

Do you actually make that work, or you’re just assuming it’s going to work? It’s very difficult to get exact cancellation of the instruments and it’s very difficult to get an instrumental where the recording engineer hasn’t messed with it. Any messing with it at all kills the process, and it doesn’t work through MP3.


Oh… I think I get what you guy mean.

And yes I was assuming it would work since someone on this forum (on an ancient tread) said making your own instrumental version would make it work.
Thanks for the hints, I’l have to find another way to dim as much as possible the background instruments.

As for Kozi, unfortunately all freeware you suggested me are for Pc… and… this is the Mac section of the forum XD

Maybe you guys can give some more hint for this. I’m trying to dim a horn. There is only one instrument and it’s a long lasting bass noise. I tried
to make it vanish with noise isolation while getting a sample of the horn alone, but it killed the whole sequence instead n_n

Those are the only tools we know of manage Vocal Isolation and they don’t have a good track record, so you’re as far ahead.

Instrument Isolation from a mixed show is pretty much impossible. There’s no shortage of people who want to do that. You can tell it’s a horn, but the software has no intelligence and just sees a collection of undifferentiated blue waves on the timeline.

If you have one tone from one instrument once in the show, you might be able to get some relief from Effect > Equalizer. Use Analyze > Plot Spectrum to see where the note is, and then run Effect > Equalizer > Graphic Eq to pull down that tone. Also Effect > Notch Filter.

Even there you’re going to run into oddball problems with overtones and harmonics. The reason you can tell the difference between a French Horn and Cello playing the same note is the overtones – musical tones produced not at the note they’re playing. For example, this is the spectrum (overtone collection) of one single piano note at “G”.

If you suppress all the spikes to the right of G, the piano will sound more like a flute. Few if any overtones.