Weird playback problem

audacity 2.0.5 .dmg version osx 10.9.2
When I start playback, I hear 1 sec of music than nothing though the song keeps playing. Have deleted and downloaded new .dmg. and still same problem. Sound settings are the same and my media players are playing everything as normal. Never had anything like this happen before in all the years I’ve used this program. Any ideas?

How are you listening? I mean exactly how. Earbuds plugged into your Mac Air? Don’t leave out any information or part numbers.

There were gap and static problems with some MBPs and Mavericks. But nothing like one second and then dead silence.

What does your Audacity toolbar say for playback device?


Mine says “Built-In-Output” and I have a sound system plugged into the headphone connection on my Mini.

Are you trying to run Skype and do production at the same time? Games?


It says builtin output which of course is speakers and that is what i’m hearing it thru. All I’m doing is playing different .mp3s and problem is exactly as I described. No games, Skype or anything else. Audio host says core audio.

Talk about strange. I just submitted the response to you questions and went back into Audacity and for 1st time this week its working fine.

When was the last time you restarted your Mac?