weird playback. help! [SOLVED]

ive riped some vinyl to audacity so that i can edit the tracks. but when i ply them back fro the recording they sound terrible. they sound muddy and like they have reverb on them? like theyve been recorded in a tunnel with a terrible mic etc.

im running my technics turntable into an amp and then running a phono to usb converter from the record out. its recording fine

please help cant figure it out :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Are you playing the recording using the built-in sound card? Try turning off all sound effects and enhancements: .


have tried this, to no result have turned down input volume with some result but still alot of hiss behind and around the track. im using the alesis phono
to usb converter which acts as a sound card…

Is it Alesis PhonoLink that you are using?

First you said it was muddy reverb and now you say it is hiss. So did you solve the reverb effect?

Have you turned the Audacity input slider up? If that slider is too low, you will get a low signal to noise ratio so you will hear hiss when you turn the playback volume up.

If you are still concerned please post an audio sample of the hiss. See How to post an audio sample .


hi thanks for your help- i have now sorted this out.

many thanks