Weird Noise Always In the Background?

Hey I have only just started using this program so i’m not sure if I have to set it up in a certain way or if it’s a problem my end.

This is my mic audio I haven’t changed any settings and i’m using a turtlebeach x12 for the recording.
That’s the sound so you can hear what I mean the buzzing in the background

I also have my game audio setup (recorded at different times) and it has the same problem
(clip to the audio of that)

Sometimes my quality will also sound like this

Also i’m using windows 7

turtlebeach x12

The headset, right? It it USB, or analog like this:

The high-pitched frying, mosquito whine, right?

We do know what that is. It’s the computer electrical housekeeping getting into the show. If you could hear your computer running (accessing memory, running the hard drive), that’s what it would sound like only much louder. Trying to get rid of that sound from an existing recording is very difficult and getting rid of it from a microphone has been getting harder and harder.


Sorry. Missed one. That bubbly, honky sound is Windows Enhanced Services (probably).

That at least should be easy to turn off.