Weird line at ~16k

Hello guys, can you give me some help?
I just downloaded a .flac CD (which I have the actual CD), but when I look it through Audacity spectrogram there is weird frequency around 16k. It goes through the entire CD. Is it possible it’s normal or is it a rip failure? Is there anyway way I can remove all other frequencies to listen just this specific frequency? Thanks!

It’s possible that it is normal. It is quite common for modern recordings to show such things, but generally they are inaudible.

Much easier to do it the other way - remove a narrow notch at 16 kHz and see if you can hear any difference.

To remove a narrow notch you would normally use the Notch Filter.
I notice that only goes up to 10,000 Hz on the slider, but you can enter higher frequencies by typing into the text box.
Use a fairly high “Q” setting, say around 8 or 10.Check the spectrogram track view to ensure that you hit the correct frequency.