Weird issue with sound


I haven’t had any “bug” problems on my previous 2 podcasts, but my last podcast, I came into a problem with the playback sound.

When I recorded originally, everything was fine. But now when I play it back, it only played through the left audio out.
Then, when I stopped the playback and clicked playback again, it only played out of the right audio out.
And…when I stopped the playback, and then clicked playback once more, it played normally.

It keeps doing this every time I stop the recording and then playback what I have. Even when I finished my whole podcast and saved it, it would still playback like that.

But it seems to sound perfectly fine playing back through another app or device.

Is this another “bug” in the program?

I checked all my equipment, and seeing as it’s all brand new, all I could do was unplug everything and plug it all back in. Which didn’t change anything.

Is anybody else having this problem?

Why is Audacity so full of “bugs”?

How do we fix these issues? Reinstall the program every time it does something like this?


That sounds like a lead or connection problem.

Are you using speakers or headphones?
How are they connected to the computer?

Unlikely. If it was a bug, it would almost certainly occur for other users, and not just you.

I read virtually all of the posts to this forum. I’ve not come across anyone else having the problem you describe.

Because if there’s any problem with the computer, sound card, operating system, drivers, disk drives, memory modules, power supply… user error, or the Audacity software, it’s usually Audacity that gets the blame. The vast majority of problems that we deal with on this forum are actually due to causes that have nothing to do with Audacity.

Reinstalling rarely fixes anything. Sometimes rebooting the computer does.

Everything is connected to my pc.
Like I said, I disconnected everything and reconnected everything, and it still does the same thing.
It didn’t do this before, and all this stuff is new, and my other podcast recordings didn’t have this problem.

I just recorded a new podcast and it did this a few times. It was fine, then it was only through the left audio side, then only the right audio side, then back to both.

I am using podcast equipment made for podcasting too…mic and headset.

I will have to test out the headset on other devices and see if it’s that, as I have no problems with any other sound issues using my pc.


It’s possible to accidentally move the pan slider when adjusting the track gain slider …

gain & pan sliders are close.gif