weird issue when trying to record

Hi everyone, I’m new here.

I’ve been using Audacity for about 2 weeks every day and there’s an issue I can’t begin to comprehend or fix.
Sometimes, when I hit the record button (or press R), it doesn’t start recording, but it adds a new track. If I press the button again, it keeps adding tracks forever.
The only input I have is the microphone of the laptop and it supports mono and stereo recording, so I don’t think this happens because the tracks are incompatible with the input’s format.

This happens at any given moment. Sometimes after successfully recording a track. Other times, as soon as I run the software.

Thank you very much!

Which version of Audacity?
Which version of Linux?
What are you trying to record?
What are your settings in the device toolbar?

Linux Mint Debian Edition 3 (Cindy)
Audacity v2.1.3
I’m trying to record with the laptop’s mic, as stated. Either voice, or guitar or sound effects, it all goes through the mic.

In my device toolbar:
ALSA - Default mic - 2 recording channels (stereo) - pulse

Try selecting the “hw” option that corresponds to your microphone. (Unless you have additional audio devices connected to the computer, there will only be one “hw” option).

I hadn’t answered because I haven’t had the same problem again, but I’ll try as soon as it happens.

Thank you very much !