Weird exporting situation...adding another track!

I have a werid situation. I’m going back editing some old files to update and make ready for ACX. At that time, I was a beginner, and so hired an editor to do my processing. All files passed ACX specs, but I wanted to add space at the beginning and end of the recording. And to be sure the peaks were near 3.0. The editor didn’t do that.
Here’s the situation. Back then, as a beginner I only saved the AUP file to use for editing and didn’t do a WAV like a do now. I went to work on the original AUP file that I exported from, made my few changes, did a Normalize to 3.0 (it was around 4.something) and then exported the file to a new MP3. Well, when it exported it added another track above the other one, a real small one. I check the original AUP file, and nowhere does it say it was done in stereo!
What’s going on here and how do I fix it. I had to do and export from the MP3 which I know is bad. Should I try to export the AUP as a WAV to see if the problem is there? Why would this happen in the first place?

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