Weird distortion in highly dynamic vocal recording

I am a new user of Audacity 3.3.3 and only just starting to learn about recording. I am using a condenser microphone but also used a Shure SM58 earlier. I have used two different audio interfaces to connect my mikes through USB to my laptop.

I am recording a song that requires me to sing rather quietly in the verses and very loudly in the choruses. No matter what I do, no matter what equipment I use, I get a weird doubling effect in the chorus. Sometimes, too, it will sound like a split second of the recording gets “pinched” off or squelched.

I have made recordings with gains on both the interface and the Audacity track set very low so there is no chance of hitting peak levels, but it still happens (again, reminder that I’ve used two completely different types of mikes). There are no red lines on the Show Clipping (post-recording; I just learned of this feature and turned it on, but I’m not sure if it only works WHILE recording or if it can work post-recording).

Can anyone give me possibilities to check out? I’ve recorded this track over a dozen times.

Two things to check -

Make sure Windows “enhancements” are turned OFF. That can automatically change the volume to try and hold a constant-volume, or it might act as a noise gate and turn it down with the signal is weak.

And make sure you’ve directly selected the USB interface directly as your recording device. “Stereo Mix” or “(loopback)” can create an internal feedback loop and you can get an echo, and sometimes out-of-control feedback.

Unrelated, but “singing quietly” can be a problem (at home) because of the acoustic background noise. And with a dynamic mic you’ll have to turn-up the gain and that will amplify any preamp hiss from the interface.

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