Weird click in 2.02 ....

I just switched over from 1.3 to 2.0.2 yesterday. I was having problem with trying to get rid of a minor click/noise in a quiet passage of a song I was reworking. I thought maybe the newer version might help, but just couldn’t get rid of it (it always happened about 14.9 seconds into the song). Just to troubleshoot, I cut off the first 4 seconds of the song to see it it would still happened at 14.9, or appropriately shift. I could no longer here it. So I wouldn’t have to loose the first 4 seconds, I added 4 seconds of silence at the very beginning, and tried it again. The “click” was no longer heard in the same area. Since everything got shift 4 seconds later into a louder portion of the music, I could not hear the sound at all.

Anyone have any idea what would cause this? I might try uninstalling it, reloading a new copy of 2.0.2 and see what happens. It was driving me crazy because even though it was not that noticeable, i could hear it in that very quiet passage, and nothing I did could get rid out it.

See if this helps .