Weird Breathing Noise Coming Through My Speakers

I was just recording a session with my acoustic guitar, and now I just heard this weird breathing sound come through my 2.1 speaker system for my Computer. I used my headset, propped up on my knee as a mic setup so I have no idea how its making this interference.

*It did stop after I turned off the speakers, unplugged it from the power strip, replugged it and put it on again… But right before, I put my cordless phone back in the living room.

Was the phone causing the breathing reaction? Cause honestly, I’ve only heard NES-sounding noises from speakers with RFID interference (my teacher at school’s speakers do that all the time, it sounds like he’s playing an old school Nintendo sometimes lol)

That is far from ideal. You will be struggling to get good quality recordings without a better microphone set up.

That’s possible. Just about any electrical equipment can cause interference, but cordless / mobile phones and florescent lights are well known culprits.

Alright. Thanks man :slight_smile:.