weird audio speed bug

hi, i’ve just had 3 recordings in a row come out in the wrong audio speed, its not just the playback speed, its the speed of the entire track, it’s to slow and as a result unusable, it is not my hardware as i am a gaming youtuber and my video recording device also has (inadequate) microphone recording and it has zero issues there, i was unable to find any settings that might affect this but have sped up the track in editing software and noticed that if i turned it on to about 110% speed its perfectly fine be it a bit wonky cuz it’s been converted, but i need to know how to prevent this, not fix it in post

My guess is that for it to be exactly the right speed, you would need to speed it up by 108.843537415%.

108.843537415 is (48000/44100)x100

Two of the most common sample rates are 48000 Hz and 44100 Hz, so it is very likely that the sample rate is wrong somewhere.
What are you recording, and how are you recording it?