Weird Audio Distortion Help Please

Whenever I used the Select audio tool, Multi Tool, Return, or Numpad Enter it distorts All the audio in the track. I can click Return or Numpad enter to undo it but my mouse clicks will not undo it. Return and Numpad enter is bound to toggle Focused track but that is not causing the distortion. Also when it is activated the effects Phaser, Distortion, and Wah Wah are all disable and cannot be used and it has a Phaser/ Wah wah Sounding vibe to it. Please help because i am unable to used audacity with this problem.

I don’t understand what you are doing. By default, Audacity does not allocate shortcuts to Numpad keys. Is the problem with some custom shortcuts that you have created? Is there a conflict between global shortcuts, or shortcuts for some other application and Audacity?
Are you reporting multiple different problems here, or just one problem?
Which version of Audacity are you using?