webx file format aifa


can you please tell me what step i am missing to try and record the text from the webnair file. format aifa

i have soundflower, dictation enable and enhanced … the audacity fle is open and i can hear the text
however, when i fn to a word document … i do not see it dictating the text.

on a mac the dictation is enable soundflower … however following the instructions … i can not change the audacity software to soundflower.

thanks you for you helo and suggestions.

Please tell us what version of Audacity you are using. Give us all three version numbers - see the pink panel at the top of the page.

Do you mean “webinar”? Do you mean AIFF audio file format?

Are you trying to record what you are dictating into the text file? Or are you trying to record an online webinar and you don’t want to record what you are dictating?

Or are you pausing the webinar when you dictate, and you want to record the webinar and your dictation? That could be more complicated.

I have not tried it, but if you want to record just what you are dictating, try setting the Audacity recording device in Device Toolbar to the microphone. Also see this Apple support document If your Mac can’t recognize dictated text.

Soundlower is meant for recording computer playback (so you would use that if you wanted to record the webinar and not what you were dictating). Soundflower does not come with Audacity. If you want Soundflower, see Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Mac - Audacity Manual.

If you want to save what you recorded as an AIFF file, File > Export Audio… and choose “AIFF (Apple) signed 16-bit PCM”.


hi. it is version 2.1.2. on a mac … with OS 10.11

  • the mac has dictation - checked on enhanced.
    the soundflower is loaded in the mac and it shows on the dictation screen

  • the audicity is loading with the an already recorded webnar file.

i did test and listen to the file and i can hear the speaker talking.

so next i run up word new page. to capture the dictated speech.

when i hit fn twice and the dictator show up beside the word page
it does not pick up the speech /word i am trying to put on the page.

i believe i am missing something on the audacity software … where
i have to switch it to soundflower … instead of the bullt in microphone ??
but it does not allow me to switch any the tabs.

all help is welcomed. thanks.

Please be aware that Mac “Dictation” is supposed to work with a microphone, not an audio file. Dictation mutes sounds that are being played on the computer.

If it is ever going to work, the Audacity playback device and the Dictation microphone must both be set to “Soundflower (2ch)”. Then read the second and third answers in this post carefully: macos - Use Mac OS X dictation on a file? - Ask Different. The second answer contains a link to detailed instructions to use Soundflower and Audacity to attempt what you are trying to do. The third answer shows you how you can turn audio muting off.