Website feedback

I would suggest that the menu item “mailing lists” be changed to “Discord help links” given that is how you would prefer people to use community tools and a link for both general audacity discord and audacity dev discord. I would also suggest that the pages mentioning giving feedback / improvements for audacity also have links to the GitHub feedback section for this project, especially whilst the forum has issues with new user registration.

I am suggesting this before I get used to how it all works and no longer see barriers to entry that may exist

Where? Which menu are you referring to?

Previously, this forum was the official support channel for Audacity. When Audacity became part of MuseGroup, the discord channel was created, and this forum became a community run help channel (run by Audacity users, for Audacity users, hosted by MuseGroup).

In my opinion, this forum is still the best place to get help with using Audacity, but if you need to get the attention of those that design and develop Audacity, then you would do better to use discord or GitHub.

I see, you mean here:

Suggestions regarding the main Audacity website would be better posted to discord. I don’t think anyone here has write access to the main website.

I have sent a link to this to the Muse guy that maintains the Audacity Website.


Thank you Peter :+1:

redirected to just

Hi Leo,

then surely you no longer need the “Mailing Lists” menu item in the submenus from “Contact”


OIC - you’ve just done that :smiley:


Very fast response and the changes I think should really help!

The suggestions section of the contact page doesn’t have a link to a place to make suggestions - other members of the forum have said this forum has a suggestions page, and there is also a suggestion section on GitHub, given this forum has new user registration problems could you link to the GitHub to suggest features please?