WDS-KS let me have multiple channels

I have a Tascam US2000 and could not for the life of me get it to show more than two channels on my Windows 7 machines. It worked fine on my Apple stuff. I do IT work and couldn’t believe that the rumor that Macs were better was true (I think its all marketing like the old days of Ford vs. Chevy). After a little digging around I found the interface host setting of Windows WDM-KS did the trick. Audacity (the best free software in the world) works great on my PC now with the US 2000. I’m willing to bet that a few people with other “streaming” interfaces that can’t see more than 2 channels have the same issue. I hope this helps someone. By the way as for the Apple VS PC, Ford VS Chevy thing… Its time for Teslas! :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks, unfortunately the upcoming 2.0.5 release of Audacity no longer includes WDM-KS because it has caused stability problems on a small minority of machines. We hope to reintroduce WDM-KS in a later version of Audacity.


I’ll have to stick to version 2.0.4 myself. WDM-KS works perfectly well on my system to record streaming audio from browser or from Line-in input. On the other hand, I could never make MME or DirectSound work satisfactorily. WASAPI does work, but it is restricted to 44Hz, which is too low for my own taste.
I do hope that WDM-KS will be reintroduced quickly.

The problem is almost certainly in PortAudio.

We can probably fix the scenario where Audacity never starts due to WDM-KS, but the difficulty is in fixing the blue screens, unless we (or the PortAudio developers) can get access to a machine that does it.

It’s possible to allow the user to enable WDM-KS with a warning. It may be all we can do.